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A team of dedicated and passionate professional experts.

At CX Events, we generate value for our clients through unique experiences. We provide personalized consultations with customized proposals for each client. Our main areas of expertise are CX, EX and Management.


We are a team of professionals skilled in production, marketing, commercialization, and communication. At CX Events, we don't offer pre-designed events; instead, we work collaboratively and creatively to tailor our services to each client's needs.

Get ready for a new way to experience events, more creative, sustainable, and mindful!

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In-person, virtual and hybrid events

We transform your ideas into unique experiences. We organize personalized events for your company, whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid.

01. Tailored packages that add value and create unique experiences

Organizing an event means paying attention to every detail. At CX Events, we offer personalized services so that attendees and organizers experience each gathering differently. 

Within each experience, we can:

01. Design and comprehensively produce the event to align with the organization’s objectives and budget.

02. Manage logistics and speaker hiring.

03. Increase and enhance attendance with effective strategies. 

04. Implement impactful actions before, during, and after the event.

05. Report project results post-event.

02. Speaker Bureau

Which speaker could enhance the content of your upcoming event? CX Events can fulfill your requirements and goals, overseeing the entire process, which includes selection, hiring, and coordination in pre-meetings, along with their involvement in the event itself.


At CX Events, we specialize in selecting and hiring speakers who add value and make your event memorable and impactful.

03. Training Activities

In the present scenario, organizations encounter considerable challenges with new customers. They not only expect personalized and efficient attention but also seek a unique experience in every interaction. This is why, at CX Events, we provide training initiatives for your organization, aiming to utilize Customer Experience as a key driver of competitive differentiation.

What are the advantages of training your employees in CX?


Raise awareness

about the importance of Customer Experience


Strengthen customer service

and conflict resolution skills.


Instill the importance

of Customer-Centric culture values


Provide tools and techniques

to personalize the Customer Experience

We’ll work directly with your company to offer essential knowledge and tools in the critical areas of Customer and Employee Experience strategy.

In each training session, we share tailor-made content, along with examples and success stories specific to the industry.

Get in touch with us for a service tailored to your needs!

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Organized Events

We organize customized events, addressing the client's needs, with the aim of making the audience part of a unique experience and a new way of living the event.

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